Reviews versus Testimonies

I understand that the new Google Review system that seems to be so prevalent for websites in these new times, and we sure do appreciate them, but this really all started and began way back when the Ebay Feedback system was created for Ebay sellers, not for their customers.

We are now seeing this same strategy being used by millions of websites and Google Reviews and now everyone is looking for those four or five star reviews before clicking on a website, but those reviews are mostly about the service, shipping speed and customer service of the seller, but not really about ones personal experience and journey with a product. 

The focus these days seems to be on how great the package looks rather than what's inside the package. So yes those 5 stars look great when scrolling through those browser pages, and seeing all those 5 star reviews but when you open that 5 star review and read it, there is not much about the product itself, it reads more like a tribute to the seller & company,  but not much about how the product itself or how that product helped the buyer. 

Note the 5 star picture review for Fiddlehead Heaven Forest Products by Edward L. Most of you will say Great Review about the company & product, but nothing about how our product helped Edward L. or about his experience with the Chaga we sold him.

Please visit our Testimony page here to see the real difference between Reviews versus Testimonies  Chaga Testimonials | Fiddlehead Heaven Forest Products

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